How is hypertension treated?

Hypertension (high blood pressure) treatment is very complicated. It because physicians must consider patient troubles, patient age and also list of other medications that already subscribed to this patient.signs-and-symptoms-of-hypertension
Drugs for hypertension :
1. Beta blockers reducing your blood pressure.
This drugs family stimulating a cellular receptor named “beta receptor”. Beta-blockers also passing blood-brain-barrier and often used for treatment of social anxiety disorders and panic attacks. But it can cause sleep disorder, nightmares and more.
2. Diuretics elimate water.
This drugs family eliminate some some water from your body. But it not related HBP lowering mechanism. Really HBP lowering mechanism from this drugs family is unknown!
3. Calcium channel blockers
This drugs family can lower your blood pressure, but can reduce angina.
4. ACE inhibitors – Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors.
This is potent and dangerous chemical at our bodies. If so many of this chemical – it can damage our kidney, arteries (because it control salt & water management at our blood).
5. Angiotensin receptor blockers
6. Alpha blockers
It combination drug. These drugs family inhibit the constricting effect of norepinephrine and epinephrine we have on the our blood vessels.
7. Sympatholytics
8. Vasodilators (which dilate the arteries and veins)
Hypertension treatment also requires your lifestyle changes!
1. Your weight.
You need to stay within healthy weight range. Losing weight often cause hbp to fail. For many peoples losing weight is only one treatment which really need!!!
Check what your body mass index not more than 18-25kg/m2.
2. Your Diet
* Restrict your salt intake (not more than 6mg of salt per day).
* Reduce your fat intake. Increase fruits, vegetables and fiber in your ration.
* Avoid alcohol! (Men max 21units/7 days, Women max 14 units/7 days)
* Avoid caffeine! (drink not more than 1-2 of small cups of coffee per day).
3. Your exercises
As was said before “for most peoples exercises is only one thing required to treat hypertension!”
At least 30 minutes of running, walking, cycling, jogging per day is required.
4. Stop smoking
Smoking linked to heart diseases.
5. Your stress
Learn some relaxation techniques (yoga meditations for example), stress management or muscle relaxation techiques.