BIBW 2992 is one orally administered

BIBW 2992 is one orally administered, irreversible dual inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor and human epithelial receptor 2 tyrosine kinases . It is the first irreversible EGFR TKI for the phase III third / fourth – line NSCLC is achieved .

As angiogenesis plays a pivotal role in the growth of solid tumors BIBF 1120 is currently being studied in a number of cancers, including advanced NSCLC. The LUME-Lung Phase III clinical trial program BIBF studied 1120 in combination with standard chemotherapy treatments for patients with advanced NSCLC.600 patients enrolled will be making this one of the largest Phase III study programs date in this NSCLC patient population to.

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In the current study the group on Dr Kristina Schoonjans and Prof. Johan Auwerx in in examining the role of TGR5 the intestine when TGR5 is expressed as at cells of specialized in during the production of intestinal-derived hormones. The authors found that these so-called enteroendocrine cells TGR5 manages which secretion of a hormone Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 , that. A critical role in overseeing pancreatic functional and regulation blood sugar levels In addition to this discovery, and in collaboration with Prof. Roberto Pellicciari that was developed a novel more potent and selective TGR5 activator, INT 777 below a long-standing collaboration with Intercept Pharmaceuticals, the group the EPFL showed that under laboratory conditions, this compound effective be treated diabetes and reduce fatty weight. GLP – also showed that that action were related to at the increase in both GLP – 1 secretion and energy costs.