Routinely used in many fertility centers for couples who are having problems with conception read more.

The scientists say their work preimplantation genetic diagnosis preimplantation genetic diagnosis screening in fertility treatment PGS. Routinely used in many fertility centers for couples who are having problems with conception, particularly for advanced maternal age, repeated failure of implantation, recurrent miscarriages or severe male fertility problems. An individual cell in the early embryo is removed for genetic testing because it it is assumed that the selection of chromosomally normal embryos for uterine transfer would increase the birth rate and transfer the miscarriage per embryo transfer read more .

Stillbirth legislation DevelopmentSen. Frank Lautenberg introduced in June 2008. According to sources familiar with the bill, it will be placed in the Senate before the August recess. The legislation will expand stillbirths registers already in operation in Iowa and metropolitan Atlanta. The bill supporters hope that as many as 12 in the registry in the registry and install a standard protocol for data collection after each stillbirth. Another provision would create a campaign the public and the public and grief support services, writes Goldbach (Goldbach, Washington Post.

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