To the relationships between social bullying and loneliness.

‘To the relationships between social bullying and loneliness, depression and anxiety, researchers surveyed college students between the ages of 18 and 25 and asked them to to reveal their experiences of highly recognizable school They were also looking alleviate alleviate whether with friends. Effects of bullying effects of bullying and if there was a relationship between gender and the severity of psychological symptoms, said Eric Storch, an assistant professor of psychiatry in the UF College of Medicine and a co-author of the study. ‘about 20 years ago people of bullying than very physical thought, ‘Storch said:’As a result people thought guys did the bullying, and that it does not really.

For some children with friends and positive support can help make them more resilient to the slings and arrows from bullies, Storch said. But other children take the words and abuse more to heart and begin to believe about them about them. – ‘These kinds of negative thoughts actually believed to be the core of things, such as depression and anxiety to be,’Stork said. ‘Behavioral level, what happened, is unacceptable. Begins to avoid interactions and situations that could quite positive for you. ‘.NIH, the million grant for Genetic Study Of Schizophrenia U.S. And Hebrew University in explorerThe U.S. National Institutes of , a $ 2,000 ‘Grand Opportunity’ grant has given to a team of researchers – headed by Prof. Todd Lencz on porcelain Institute for Medical Research, New York City, and the Silberman Institute of Prof.Ariel Darvasi Life Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – out a study on the genetic basis of schizophrenia.