Director of the Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research at Nationwide Childrens Hospital check all about the treatment.

Pamela A check all about the treatment . Lucchesi, Director of the Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Terry S. Interim director of the Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute at OSUMC, CO – principal investigators for the grant. Not cardiovascular disease in adulthood begin One of our research interests is more to discover, explains Dr. Adult heart disease begins in childhood. explains Dr. Lucchesi learning about adult heart disease predictors in the pediatric population are more opportunities for early intervention with pediatric patients and prevention of adult heart disease will result in later life . – This grant represents an exciting opportunity for training the next generation of translational researchers, said Dr. Translational Medicine, the newer approach to the improve human health including, scientific discoveries must be put into practice. Such discoveries typically at the Bank from the basic research are where scientists continue to study disease at a molecular or cellular level, then the clinical level , or the patients ‘ bedside. Scientists recognize that necessary that bank-to-bedside approach to translational research to improve patient care is encouraged. Basic scientists to clinicians new observations about the nature and progression of the disease at the molecular or cellular level , which often stimulate basic investigations with innovative ideas for use of patients and clinical investigators. ‘.

Scientific peer-reviewed research on this scaffold fiber in a variety of journals, including Acta Biomaterialia released and is currently being licensed through Ramot, TAU technology transfer company.

When announcing of these appointment, HSS Chairman and CEO Louis A. Shapiro, Crow productive and deep scientific contributions dealing autoimmune and Rheumathology research base and its translation Display to patients, , Dr. With their extraordinary leadership qualities they make unique skilled for the key positions. ‘.

Hospital for Special Surgery announced that Mary K. MD was named Doctors-in-chief and chairman the Department of Rheumatology. Such appointment being with effect the 1st the an internationally recognized scientists and a leader in be research and clinical practice in the area of rheumatology and autoimmune diseases will yield her knowledge in their new role on Special Surgery. Of the as Associate Chief, Division of Rheumatology and Director of Rheumatology research involving Hospital for Special Surgery since 2001, manages Stephen Paget which is medical-in – chief function Professor Emeritus, accept a new executive roll with the responsibility of a broad spectrum of educational and training institutions as well efforts to develop the external support to the organization.