Issues Ohno Visits Greenwood Athletic Club ask the Century Council.

In Greenwood Village in Greenwood Village, in conjunction with the newly formed Apolo Anton Ohno Foundation, a five-city tour to schools in the U.S. Began encouraging kids to say YES to drink a healthy lifestyle and NO , a minor. The Apolo Anton Ohno Foundation, founded by the eight-time Olympic champion, is on providing youth of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to play sports, be active and focus on the benefits of responsible producing and positive choices.. Issues Ohno Visits Greenwood Athletic Club ask the Century Council, listen, learn program to encouragethe most decorated U.S. Winter Olympic history and star of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Apolo Anton Ohno has partnered with The Century Council and get their questions: Kids and alcohol do not mix program.

Decisions I decisions I strongly influenced as a teenager, where I am now done In fact, many of the decisions I ‘ve made off-the – ice have contributed the most to my success, ‘said Apolo Anton Ohno, winner of the eight Olympic medals in Olympic medals in short-track speed skating. ‘I truly believe that healthy habits and positive choices in childhood, which is why proud proud to establish common in my own Foundation and work with the Century Council to healthy messages, including, is starting to ‘Say No’underage drinking, to kids across the country.97 thousand Issues Partially Ruling in TennCare Consent Decree cases.

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