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During the past nine years, the American asthma Foundation has awarded almost $ 60 million to 110 outstanding researchers These United States and Canada, scientists from a wide range of fields including biology pathology and pharmacology epidemiology, medicine, pathology and pharmacology have been pulled. Citing the impact of the American asthma Foundation awarded, Mr. Comments that American asthma Foundation awards over $ 35 million in new funds from other sources for further asthma research. Threehe American Asthma Foundation recruiting efforts recruiting efforts to major universities in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden..

Sad to say, there is no cure for asthma and little progress in 50 years in improving the treatment. Croft discovery is of great importance, not only because of of the great need to develop new treatments for asthma, but also because of the long lead time and complexity involved in the introduction of new therapies to market. ‘.. Discussion on the role of the American Asthma Foundation for the treatment, prevention and finding a cure for asthma, Ms.At the end of a 4 – year follow up period received 73 percent of ANA – positive healthy individuals, tested positive , but do not to develop no symptoms of autoimmune rheumatic diseases. Approved ‘Our study Wiley ANA – HEp – 2 pattern to diagnose critical of correct autoimmune disorders and future research should the the Interpretation of results between different ANA professionals and ANA – HEp-2 slides brands, ‘Andrade concluded. Sources: Wiley – Blackwell, AlphaGalileo Foundation.