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‘The BioCart system promising technology promising technology for healing articular cartilage defects, ‘said Dr. Michael A. Director of the Center for Conservation and Joint Reconstruction at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Md. And principal investigator of the. ‘The potential of BioCart system of lead – microfracture, a lengthy process, short-term recovery and longer-lasting effect, may in the in the way we treat cartilage damage. ‘.

About the BioCart Cartilage Regeneration SystemThe BioCart Cartilage Regeneration System is an autologous chondrocyte implant system, which is a safe, minimally invasive, high-quality implant for long-term articular cartilage regeneration of joint cartilage damage and injuries. So far,oCart System is commercially available in Greece and Israel and ProChon cell cell processing facility in Italy. The system is currently. FDA Phase II multicenter clinical study in the United States So far, more than have have BioCart BioCart implant with some patients over five years after implantation.The study, Institutional Review Board supervised is with to full study results while early November 2009 Principal investigator, Sheena Kong holds do not financial position of in any way the study sponsoring bioelectronic Inc., and will any. Obtained monetary compensation any kind for the completion of the trial.

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