Even if they had not a melanoma read more.

The results showed that people who for the for the CDKN2A mutation followed melanoma screening recommendations more accurately than before, even if they had not a melanoma read more . In addition, do not knowing the test results family members family members without the mutation screening measures screening measures. ‘Prior to these studies it was unclear whether the reporting of results to family members who have been tested was valuable or potentially harmful to patients,’said co-principal investigator Sancy Leachman, director of the Tom C. Mathews Jr. Familial Melanoma Research Clinic and associate professor in the department of dermatology at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Leachman specializes melanoma genetics.

‘People with a family history of melanoma who do not carry the mutation have nearly twice the risk of developing melanoma than people in the general population, ‘Leachman are told.

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