In partnership with OLM Pavilion

DrugScope, in partnership with OLM – Pavilion, Mind and the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, hold, it is time to talk: Drug treatment and psychological therapies conference in London on Friday, March 2009 . Speakers are Dr. Marcus Roberts , Paul Farmer , Shamil Wanigaratne and Luke Mitcheson (Consultant Clinical Therapist.

Report entitled welcomes NTA report on new approaches to psychosocial drug treatmentDrugScope, the leading independent center of expertise on drugs and drug policy, has today welcomed the publication of a new report from the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse outlines the potential benefits of a new ‘mapping to support ‘tool individuals drug addiction drug addiction. – As an important component of psychosocial interventions, medication delivery enables the ‘mapping ‘approach drug workers visually represent their clients thought during the recovery process through a series of personal ‘maps’. The technology was developed customer customer motivation and engagement in treatment.

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