The rate of seizure freedom

The rate of seizure freedom? Identification of factors that can the landscape of epilepsy treatment to improve patient quality of life.New EEG technology can facilitate the precise seizure screening by non-specialists in urgent care facilities.Task Force report on differences in the standards for Epilepsy Monitoring Units amidst rise in number of epilepsy treatment centers read more . ‘Each clue we uncover in understanding epilepsy and suppress such the disturbances it causes to those affected us closer to the goal of successful treatment of this chronic disease. Data from this year’s meeting lead us towards answers about characteristics that we ,, more effective diagnosis and treat epilepsy, ‘said Dennis D. Spencer, AES President, Harvey and Kate Cushing Professor and Chair of Neurosurgery, Yale University School of Medicine. ‘This is especially critical because we know agent third of the seizures with with existing therapies. ‘.

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