The trial included 157 click to see here.

The trial included 157, 929 seconds births with information on demographic characteristics, obtained pregnancy complications, mode of delivery and outcome of live or stillbirth click to see here . Information about factors that the results the results, such as maternal diabetes, maternal obesity, high blood pressure and smoking during pregnancy also extracted. However, was exact maternal weight data is not available, therefore, women as smaller or larger than 91 kg, were categorized. Thus, the the study looked at the total number of antepartum stillbirths in both groups. Overall, there were 331 antepartum stillbirths which rate of rate of 3.0/1000 in the previous cesarean section group with 07/02/1000 in the previous vaginal delivery group.

Further, the data prior to 1996 do not contain comprehensive information about a number of important factors such as maternal weight, smoking during pregnancy, pre-pregnancy diabetes and hypertension, the data were then adjusted to exclude these participants from the previous analysis. Thus, the sample size of 157, reduced from 929 to 132, 590 and stillbirth is reduced number of 265 to 210. In fact, we previous caesarean section show demonstrate a statistically significant increase in risk stillbirth. Stephen Wood, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Calgary, said: Our study strongly suggests that previous Caesarean section does not increase the risk of stillbirth in subsequent pregnancies Although previous studies connection connection between the two, is likely obesity obesity played a role, as it was not controlled.

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