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Roger B. Fillingim, Professor, University of Florida College of Dentistry, said his APS audience, on that are individual differences in pain reactions a result of years of research concern but both researchers and clinicians often dismiss pain variability as a nuisance and are meant those whose pain responses differ from the norm as outliers click to see full text click here . Today, renewed interest in the topic by the genetic by the genetic revolution. Although genetic influences a significant force for example someone reaction are determined to pain, both interacting genetic and non-genetic variables that affect the pain experience, said Fillingim. – He said individual differences in pain responses within a broader biopsychosocial perspective will be investigated. features as age, gender, race and ethnicity and personality all have pain pain responses and situational variables such as mood, stress and cognitive processes in conjunction .

Fillingim advised doctors that the knowledge of the social and psychological situations of their patients may be helpful measurement and pain responses to morphine and other painkillers. It is true that one size does not fit all, so we can not assume everyone is average when it comes to managing pain. Psychological, social and cultural factors and life experiences all play a role in pain responses. The best course for doctors is to know your patients better from a holistic perspective and gain a broad understanding of their situation and how they influence pain responses. Not only on clinical signs and clinical pathology leave for answers to pain and pain management treatments to predict. .

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