The Bulletin of the World Health Organization is one of the leading public health journals.

European food manufacturers need to prove health claims. – New tuberculosis cases reduced by more economic improvement rather than control programs. – Revenue from tobacco taxes can be a deterrent to tobacco control activities in the Republic of Korea. – For the formation call on the safe use of paraffin for cooking stoves in South Africa. – How Birth services are adjusted to indigenous women in Peru. – Ghana close to eliminating Guinea worm. – Balancing the benefits and harms of scientific knowledge.. The Bulletin of the World Health Organization is one of the leading public health journals , it is the flagship magazine of the World Health Organization , with a particular focus on developing countries, the articles are peer-reviewed and are independent of wHO guidelines – are more articles in this issue of the Bulletin :.

The idea of gene therapy is that the billions of AAV-2 GAD viral vectors delivered into the subthalamic nucleus GABA GABA calm this brain region.. The Bulletin table of contents can be found here.The entire content of the Bulletin, since 1948, is now available free to all readers worldwide through PubMed Central, click here.packaged.ccessful double-blind study of gene therapy for advanced Parkinson’sdemonstrated a multicenter gene therapy trial in patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease reduces the symptoms of the progressive movement disorder, according to to a new study published in Lancet Neurology.An securities of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations , the R & D pharmaceuticals industry publish represented ,, growing tendency to transfer of technology at medicines and vaccines. It is even the critical necessary conditions which possible the transfer of technologies contribute successfully to global economic development and health. Pisani Pisani, IFPMA Clinical Trials Director, said: Due to transfer of technology, R and E pharma company venturer help over the world to treat advanced drugs and vaccines make for your local markets , this is to encourage the social and economic development and to help.

‘It could be helpful, to a false positive prove that Here like such as an ECG or a stress ECG better classification people who had a high risk ‘heart disease said that Dr. Joy Melnikov, a member of the task force on University of California, – ‘The concern be, when the people at low risk of cardiac diseases and have of these tests if it anomaly on the test, is longer likely there will be a false-positive result will be a’she said. ‘But abnormal result, whether it a positive wrong or right positive, usually leading subjected about further testing, and it is be the additional has have a risk.