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The study in the in the Appear in July issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine is the largest analysis of the impact of the work – hours regulations on junior doctors, as medical residents are known date. It seems, in addition to a Yale University study in the same issue At some level -hour regulations improved the medical outcomes for internal medicine patients on three of seven measures found.

Since since found that sleep deprivation among caretakers can suffer the clinical performance. But a Journal of General Internal Medicine study published the same year found no conclusive evidence 2001 and 2004, resident work-hour restrictions in New York improved results in several patient groups. – The fact that studies show have objected that it is not clear whether there is any benefit or harm from the regulations, said Shetty. Compare Shetty along with Jay Bhattacharya, an assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford Center for Health Policy / Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research, the mortality rates in patients in university hospitals before and after August 2003 in hospital, one month after the rules – came into force. Continue reading “As medical residents are known date.”