Majority majority 80 % of respondents agreed that people addicted to drugs.

. .. DrugScope commissioned the survey to learn more about public attitudes to drug users and drug treatment. The results suggest that the public’s views are likeable than sometimes assumed by politicians and commentators. Majority majority – 80 % – of respondents agreed that people addicted to drugs, because other problems in their life, while only 35 % agreed with the statement: There is no excuse for drug addiction – it is always the individual guilt. Overwhelming support for drug treatment was revealed, with 88 % of respondents said that people who do become addicted to drugs help and support to her life back on track and 77 % agree that is investments in drug treatment is a meaningful use.

Our research shows that drug addiction is something that is close to home for many people every drug user is someone ‘s daughter or somebody’s son, it may be difficult. Notes[1] About the Research. For DrugScope – commissioned survey interviewed ICM Research, a random sample of 1039 adults aged 18+ from the online panel between 20-22 February 2009 survey covers respondents from England, Scotland and Wales , and the results are weighted to the profile of all adults.Touch: HHS Press Office 690-6343 – to improve provides , modern information technology, unprecedented possibilities to health care for the American, promises better quality at lower cost. HHS working aggressively the use of technology the use of technology patient safety patient safety and to enable rapid, reliable and secure access to information, promote the best possible care about the health system.