Bruce Lesley follow us here.

Bruce Lesley, President of First Focus, said:. ‘There :: ‘Do not talk to us about it, we are not there yet’ follow us here . Hatch said that Congress would have trouble passing overturn a presidential veto , and probably would have a temporary extension of the program, according to the Los Angeles Times (Alonso – Zaldivar, Los Angeles Times.

Newt Gingrich / David Merritt, the political: Basic questions about the direction our country takes in health are the focus of debate on SCHIP, but the legislature must not to lose sight of what is at stake in their haste for a quick solution to find a long-term problem: the health and wellbeing of in in danger of losing their insurance, Gingrich, the former house Speaker and founder of the Center for Health Transformation , and Merritt, Director of insurance for all Americans project in the middle of in a a political commentary. Write, that Congress can children by a clean, temporary 18 – month extension of the current program to protect , which would members of Congress , the time and the opportunity carefully the future of SCHIP and how it can play a role, renewal health insurance for all (Gingrich / Merritt, the politically.

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