The authors this latest article

The authors this latest article, Nicola Magrini and Maria Font say that this type of partnership would be confusing, and to emphasize that good sources of information already exist in Europe . The public issue know know these good sources and that are impartial and helpful and the promotional materials.

However, concluded a report released in April this year that reliable information about drugs is not enough for the needs of patients. It urges pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities, Directorate General a partnership in order to fill this gap.

What of testosterone Progressive Systemic dominates that hormonal milieu during menopause, to prevalence of metabolic syndrome is increasing According to recent study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center. The study suggests this may be a way to increases to the cardio disease during menopause to be. The survey be at 28 July issue of which Archives of Internal Medicine, one of said JAMA / Archives magazine released.

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