[1] With millions of UK children go back to school this month read more.

School-age children ADHD in the school needed – About 80 percent of teachers surveyed Want More ADHD Training, UKA new survey has revealed that more than half of the British teachers have no training on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder read more .[1] With millions of UK children go back to school this month, that finding colors. A poignant image for an estimated 5 percent of school-age children in the UK who have ADHD[2] These results are. Particular about the teachers as most are common source of support in the UK for 70 percent of parents of children with ADHD[3].

To adhere Tickbox.net and follow the codes of the MRS and are fully registered and compliant with the Data Protection Registrar.References[1] 2008 tickbox Survey: Data on file ConcertaXL_DoF_01Sep2008_MI_JCJ_01 [2] NICE 2006 atomoxeine methylphenidate, and Dexamfetamine for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents, Technology review 98th Review the Technical Review 13 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.


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