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Dr Lesley Walker, Cancer Research UK director of information, said: ‘The link between the pill and cervical cancer some time some time. This study helps us to quantify the increased risk and to understand how long is the increased risk click to follow . – ‘Cervical cancer is largely by for regular smear test so it is important that all women go for screening when they are invited is to be prevented, it is important for women to weigh up the risks and benefits of taking the pill for themselves. And talk to their physician if they are concerned in the future we hope that many more cases of cervical cancer as a result of the recently announced HPV vaccination prevents ‘.

The researchers looked at 24 separate studies involving more than 52,000 women from 26 countries worldwide. Previous studies have also breast cancer risk breast cancer risk, but a decrease in ovarian and uterine cancer in women taking the pill. Jane Green, lead researcher at Cancer Research UK Epidemiology Unit at Oxford University, said: ‘This study confirms that women who are on the pill have a slightly increased risk of cervical cancer but increased risk dropping begins soon after women stop taking the pill returned returned after 10 years risk to a normal level.

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