Many pregnant women do not wear seat belts.

More than 2,400l complications after accidents Not By Automobile fetters IncreasedIt is known that seat belts save lives. However, many pregnant women do not wear seat belts, for fear that the band itself could hurt the baby in a car accident. But is this really the case? If the belt is the baby in danger?

Stacie Zelman announced in Injury Prevention Forum at the 2009 SAEM Annual Meeting at the Sheraton New Orleans in May 16 at 4:30 clock. Abstracts will be published in Vol. Supplement 1, April 2009 of Academic Emergency Medicine, the official journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.. The researchers suggest that pregnant women should belts with confidence that they need help, not hurt in a crash. Was developed by Dr. Entitled ‘Automotive Safety Restraints Do not increase the chance of fetal complications after Motor Vehicle Collision ‘was presented by Dr.The isolated cells formed tumors of from 100. Percentage of the time Within that tumors, 10 per cent of cells were positive for cancer stem cell markers CD44, as 90 % of was CD44 negative.