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Gleason score, percent DNA index, lymph node involvement, and Her-2/neu were significant for time to CaP – specific death in multivariate analysis. A bootstrap resampling procedure in 200 replications supported these findings. These data suggest that Her-2/neu expression and percent DNA are clinically parameter for predicting the long-term prognosis in CaP.. Clinical and pathological variables significantly univariate analysis were included in multivariate analysis.

The researchers found a positive correlation.. Her-2/neu of HER-2/neu and DNA index for progression, metastasis, and Prostate Cancer-Specific Death after – In the online version of the International Journal of Cancer, Sumit Isharwal and employees of the Johns Hopkins University reported on the prognostic association between the Her-2/neu oncoprotein expression, abnormal DNA content and prostate cancer progression.An error rate plus or minus three %age points The survey found that 53 percent of uninsured adults said that they would ‘extremely ‘or ‘somewhat ready for ‘to. A physician who does not accept their assurance policies where he or it was strong visit from a trustworthy source recommendable Forty-two per cent of the uninsured adults said that they would the full costs of a visit for specialist care and services obtain the the survey. In addition, 33 percent of uninsured adults wrote they would be prepared the full cost the full cost a physician required need health care during the night or on weekends.