The Team of the cell count of 156 people with IPF at the time of disease began to be evaluated to

The Team of the cell count of 156 people with IPF at the time of disease began to be evaluated to. – can can now work to identify neutrophils in the lungs patient and more detailed information for a more accurate diagnosis, says Child, who is also director of the newly established Interstitial Lung Disease Center at UC. It is our hope that this accurate prognostic information be more useful as effective treatments are available . .

IPF children , the study , which is presented in the January issue of the journal Chest , with colleagues of the University of California and National Jewish Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, is co-author the lung scarring. As the disease progresses, air sacs in the lungs become replaced by fibrotic scar tissue. Lung tissue is thicker where the scar forms, which irreversible loss irreversible loss of the tissue to ability to use oxygen in the blood stream.

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