Rewarding Responsible.

Rewarding Responsible, Educative and compassionate reporting urinary incontinenceA Global Journalist Award was announced today at the International Continence congress in Paris. The Embrace Award is a new global initiative to journalism, which includes successful the issue of urinary incontinence through accurate, responsible and sensitive reporting on the state the the of the World Health Organization described as a broad global disease and last medical taboos for many people. This award Eli Lilly and Company Eli Lilly and Company and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Entering the awardThe Embrace Award is open to journalists from all media including print, radio and on-line. The award provides a unique opportunity for medical and consumer journalists compassionate, informative and accurate journalism on urinary incontinence. Entries will be be accepted on all topics related to the causes, prevalence, management and impact of urinary incontinence.At Founded in 1912 than the Paediatric Clinic of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, provides which Johns Hopkins Children Centre a most comprehensive pediatric health programs the country, from carrying out Not casualty surgery, will find causes and treatments on childhood cancers, the providing a child well bill of health. To more than 90,000 Johns Hopkins Children Center Paediatric injury Service is Maryland only state – appointed trauma center Kids. With renowned Centers of Excellence in the 20 pediatric subspecialties including cardiology, transplant, psychiatric illnesses and genetic disorders, Children’s Center physicians, nurses and staff offer compassionate care to more than 90,000 children each year. For further information.