The first study.

The first study, presented by Norwegian researchers found that among the 2,294 patients evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea, snoring or nasal-related issues, smokers 12 to 27 12 to 27 % less than in non-smokers in 8 of the 13 possible symptoms. The researchers believe that smoking should be a primary therapeutic measure for patients with these upper respiratory tract symptoms.

A third study cites second tobacco smoke as a major cause of what the authors term environmental laryngitis, along with allergens and air pollution. The study, authored by researchers at the University of California – Davis shows, through animal models that exposure to second hand smoke may laryngitis symptoms, including hoarseness, cough and chronic cough trigger. This new researchrs and doctors have laryngitis laryngitis to a viral infection and overuse of the voice, but this new research throws serious doubts about the condition, especially as air quality and ozone levels worldwide continue to to fall..Resulting consensus reports to undergo remote peer reviewed before completion. For more information.. The report the National Science Foundation the National Science Foundation, U.S. Geological Survey and Chevron Corp. The National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine of and National Research Council make up that National Academy. You are independent, nonprofit bodies, science, technology and health policies consult among 1863 midterm election Charter. Members of the Committee who are pro bono basis as volunteers be is selected by the Academies for every study their expertise and experience and must be to meet the Academies ‘ conflict of-of-interest standard.