Surveyed for the study.

Surveyed for the study, Gad Rennert, Chairman of the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and colleagues the 10-year survival rate of 1,545 women with breast cancer diagnosed. Participants were treated at 22 hospitals in Israel, reports the Reuters news agency. The study found that the 10 – year-old. Survival rate was 67 percent for women who are not a BRCA1 mutation, 56 percent for the implementation of a BRCA2 mutation and 67 percent for the participants the did not want the gene mutations, according to researchers, was the difference in the survival rates statistically significantly.

‘.. The researchers also observed that participants who drank less than one soft drink compared daily, those who had one or more alcoholic beverages per day drank a:incipient* 31 % higher risk of developing new obesity * 30 % greater risk of increased waist circumference;* 25 % increased risk of high blood triglycerides or high fasting blood sugar;* 32 % higher risk of low HDL levels. Day, a* A trend toward an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, which was not statistically significant.Researchers then analyzed a smaller sample of participants on the data of the regular and diet soft drink consumption was it from food frequency questionnaire. Continue reading “Surveyed for the study.”