In patients with liver disease.

– In patients with liver disease, including hepatitis B or C, the liver disease may get worse when the anti – HIV medicines like REYATAZ. – Some patients with hemophilia increased bleeding problems with protease inhibitor medicines like REYATAZ.Changes in body fat have been in some patients, the anti-HIV drugs have been seen. The cause and long-term effects are not known at this time.

– Dizziness, difficulty sleeping or concentrating, are drowsiness, and / or unusual dreams together. These feelings tend to go away after taking SUSTIVA for a few weeks. – Pregnancy: Women should not become pregnant or breastfeed while taking SUSTIVA. Serious birth defects in children of women seen during pregnancy seen. Women need a reliable barrier method of contraception, a condom, even if they also use other methods of contraception.Profile Dr. Noela in Whitby PM Chair, National Asthma Council AustraliaDr Noela in Whitby received its medical degree at the University of Queensland in and holding postgraduate degree in of Human Nutrition and Dermatology .