Waiting for a transplant.

Maddie has more than one year in the Children’s Hospital Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit at UM spent the CS Mott Children’s Hospital, waiting for a transplant, while the machine keeps them alive. She holds the American record and is approaching the world record for the number of days on the device.

A UM patient, Maddie Shaw recently celebrated her fourth birthday on the same day that she observed its first anniversary of living with a EXCOR Pediatric device, also called a Berlin Heart. She received the device as part an FDA exemption, but more children can now get them at UM and a handful of other centers through a new clinical study.According to Utah State Tax Commission, more than 343,000 people filed tax declaration after the 1st April of last year. There is still lot Utahns who to in their returns in this year. ‘This fund provides a real lifeline for families throughout that has an extremely difficult time, both emotional and funding,’said Executive Director Dr. Udoh As a resultall. ‘The simple act of check of a box on your tax return may help things much more easy for this children and their families. ‘.

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