We want to show.

‘We want to show, email Siemens hearing aids hearing aids, and that work in partnership with the NHS is critical for the development and maintenance of strong relationships, ‘Matt Norgate, NHS Product Manager Hearing Instruments Hearing Instruments. ‘Solutions like AutoFit workflow by releasing the time of a patient to improve assessment travel. This means that audiologists one more time with the patient to spend quality ‘.

Rob Ryman, audiologist at Siemens Hearing Instruments on hand to on hand to introduce AutoFit, Siemens provides innovative hardware technology package for NHS customers in the UK Siemens ‘ new series of IMPACT. Products will also be on display and are available now for NHS patients on the NHS Supply Chain National Framework. The new range consists of behind-the – ear devices, industry-leading customized hearing solutions, plus a new receiver-in-canal. instrument, which is the smallest package ever in the NHS Siemens is also exclusive providing NAL NL2, the new assembly recipe from the National Acoustic Laboratory, within his Connexx software.. Continue reading “We want to show.”