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– Frankford Torresdale Hospital and Jeanes Hospital recently closed their maternity units so that mothers in Northeast Philadelphia nowhere to seek treatment for life-threatening obstetric emergencies and to give birth.

About the study.The ELECTRON study is an exploratory study of PSI-7977 for the treatment of chronic HCV infection Part 1 of the study examined 12-week regimen of PSI-7977 400mg QD in combination with ribavirin only, and in separate arms with abbreviated terms of Peg-IFN for 4, 1-4 weeksweeks in treatment-naive patients with HCV GT2 or GT3. The primary endpoint of the study is safety and tolerability of PSI-7977 400mg QD and RBV for 12 weeks, administered with or without Peg-IFN. May 2011 announced Pharmasset the completed registration form to Part 1 of ELECTRON in patients with HCV GT 2 and GT 3:.Clinical benefit. Prenatal Care programs offer clinical benefits, Appeal To Variety Of Women.

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