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For the review, the authors analyzed sixteen randomized controlled trials involving 1586 women who had given birth by Caesarean section. The women had received either regional or general anesthesia.

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Vaccine developmentGSK has an active pandemic influenza vaccine R & Germany program that contain the development of pre – pandemic and pandemic influenza vaccines and the use of new technologies such as adjuvants systems. Stands ready 2008, GSK became first company obtained of a European X of a pre-pandemic vaccine, of Prepandrix. This vaccine has been develops order to increase immune protection against several strains of H5N1 strain. Also in 2008, GSK was a European license for Pandemrix, a ‘ mock-up’ pandemic vaccine. This permission, that to data, are based on which the the H5N1 strain possible to also faster registration of a potential of pandemic vaccine against other tribes, including the H1N1..