The current Phase 2b trial is a double blind.

The current Phase 2b trial is a double blind, randomized, multicenter, non-inferiority, repeat dose study CG100649 compared with celecoxib in OA patients. This is the first time that the effectiveness of the OA CG100649 is tested directly against celecoxib in the same clinical trial. Since CG100649 had high efficacy at 1, study, onlyay in phase shown 2a OA study is assumed that doses of 2 mg / day and 4 mg / day show in the Phase 2b study is that CG100649 is at least comparable with celecoxib with respect to the efficacy. If the initial hypothesis is supported, additional tests examine whether CG100649 celecoxib efficacy compared to celecoxib.

Interaction withtalGenomics Initiates CG100649 Phase 2b study in patients with osteoarthritisCrystalGenomics, Korea) and CG Pharmaceuticals , a biopharmaceutical company with 3 clinical stage candidates, has announced that the first patient has a clinical Phase 2b study of CG100649, CrystalGenomics ‘ clinical stage novel NSAID candidate in patients with knee or hip osteoarthritis were enrolled. Continue reading “The current Phase 2b trial is a double blind.”