According to a report Friday by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council.

After the IOM report, PEPFAR to September 2006 antiretroviral drugs purchased for 822,000 people in the program the focus countries. Of receive treatment access during this time were 61 percent women and 9 percent were children, approximately 100,000ound. PEPFAR also pays for 165,000 people antiretroviral drugs in other developing countries, according to the report. PEPFAR money was used, 000 pregnant women with access to short courses of treatment to prevent vertical HIV transmission offer. According to program officials, this strategy about 100,000 new HIV cases. In addition, PEPFAR helps support 4.7 million people from families HIV / AIDS HIV / AIDS, including two million orphans, the Post reports (Washington Post..

Of cancer. And ThromboGenics in conjunction with Roche form a Joint Steering Committee for Research and Development activities. In addition, Roche. Also means to BioInvent and ThromboGenics for research on non-cancer indications and supply of clinical material until transfer of manufacturing.. BioInvent and ThromboGenics are responsible for any remaining costs linked to the recently completed Phase Ia trial associated with healthy subjects. Roche will assume responsibility for all future development costs for this novel therapy, including the cost of the upcoming Phase Ib trial in patients that are run by BioInvent and ThromboGenics.Asia Pacific Things to do the use of technology to impact of disasters in Asia-Pacific reducing – prepare to assist As a part of the ongoing efforts countries of Asia and the Pacific, better and with catastrophic natural disaster, the United Nations organizing a meeting in that effective use of information and communications technology of disaster preparedness.

Of ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction is at the Academy ninth modules. A tenth modulus on Climate the Change and ICT is also planned.. ‘who the same time, this disaster accommodated in order to light up the potential of ICT important instruments in the all phases of disaster preparedness,’she added. ‘ICT consists of traditional media , and square based technologies ) ( satellite communications, remote sensing play a key role play an important role in disaster management, out of mapping risk, the development early warning, raising awareness for the preparation communities for catastrophe. ICT is also called reactions containing full ICT for development curriculum to at first eight modules of. More than one dozen partner with APCICT work to rollout Academy at the national level.