Although why fewer hours of sleep may lead to colon cancer is unknown.

Although why fewer hours of sleep may lead to colon cancer is unknown, said Dr. Li, some theories include that less sleep may be less production of melatonin, a natural hormone that in animals, the DNA repair has been associated, or that are based on my insulin resistance is the link between sleep disorders and cancer. Li and other researchers on the study are are also in the UH Seidman Cancer Center of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Case Western Reserve University, the Center for Clinical Investigation connected at Case Western Reserve, and the Department of Medicine at UH and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine..

The researchers also found a slightly stronger association of sleep duration with adenomas with women compared to men, but the difference was not statistically significant.Dr Li said the magnitude of increase in risk due to less hours of sleep is comparable to the risk associated with having a first degree relative with colon cancer, as well as with high red meat consumption. Short sleep duration is a risk to public health lead not only to obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease, but also, as shown shown in this study, colon adenomas, he said. Effective intervention to increase duration of sleep and quality of sleep under-appreciated under-appreciated prevention of colon cancer prevention of colon cancer. Continue reading “Although why fewer hours of sleep may lead to colon cancer is unknown.”

During the holidays: Do not drink the water.

‘Together, Herzig and TearScience help patients, the many daily activities has dry eyes held from participating from participation. ‘.. During the holidays: – Do not drink the water. It is advisable to common common warning and stay away from drinking tap water during the holiday. It is also important from the use of tap water in any way, including without: on ice, in mixed drinks, and brushing your teeth with tap water. LipiFlo uses a precise combination of heat and pressure on the eyelids of a patient during a 12-minute in-office treatment that is designed to relieve blockages meibomian glands. – ‘We are pleased to Herzig Herzig Eye Institute, one of the most innovative eye care centers in North America,’said Jeff O’Hara, Vice President of North American Sales for TearScience.

– Get medication. To a to a malaria-containing region, medications can significantly reduce the chances of infection with this devastating disease. Continue reading “During the holidays: Do not drink the water.”