According to doctors at Loyola University Health System.

– Marathons and triathlons have become increasingly popular in recent years, said Neeru Jayanthi, medical director of primary care sports medicine, Loyola University Health System. Attending these events are inexperienced athletes who do not care properly for their body during exercise. Irreversible irreversible damage to their health. .. Can leave Endurance Sports Women Running On EmptyFemale endurance sports athletes may be the risk for serious health problems, according to doctors at Loyola University Health System.

‘Female athletes have a higher risk for these health problems,’said Choi Haemi, women sports medicine, Loyola University Health System. ‘If we women how to listen to their body and are based with proper nutrition to educate, we can. Better protect of their health ‘.Law requires which Department of Public Health about further development and administer and Illinois Regenerative Medicine Institute which issued in July 2005 with an executive order by Blagojevich since then has $ 15000000 been distributed for stem cell established the Act also will make a supervisory committee of seven members, which oversee appointed by Blagojevich at the Institute MFA decisions concerning. The law to clone cells permitted for research purposes and involves ethics provisions which aimed at prohibiting the researchers to a financial conflict of interest decisions of the institute were. According the Grandstand, J establish procedures for pairs the untapped unused embryos created in this at IVF for research.

Illinois Gouverneur Rod Blagojevich undersigned on Tuesday law one measure cloning humans human cloning, but rather makes it possible to more types of stem cell research including human embryonic stem cell research is, the Chicago Tribune reports (Garcia, the Chicago Tribune.