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McDonalds has tried to create a healthy image after months of criticism from the public and health organizations. Many people in the U.S. Feel that are fast food and fast food restaurants in part of the country rapidly to blame obesity problem.

In large quantities. One technique that was an important first step on this path now successfully demonstrated.. MacDonald is introducing low-fat dressing, several types of salads and nutrition information on their Happy Meals.Tommy Thompson, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary praised the company for taking such an pioneering step.polymers, with molecular-sized channels that assembleMany futurists envision a world in which polymer membranes with molecular size used channels are capturing carbon, produce solar-based fuels, or desalinate sea water, among many other functions. Continue reading “Many people in the U.”

When the Justice Department funded earmarked for health care fraud began.

Since 1997, when the Justice Department funded earmarked for health care fraud began, prosecutors have focused pharmaceutical companies for illegal marketing activities. In the last ten years, the government collected $ 11870000000 in fines for violations and used the money to fund Medicare, Medicaid and other health programs.

One of the biggest settlements came in 2004, when Pfizer paid $ 430 million allegations J. Drug Neurontin pay for pain and psychiatric disorders. Sales of the drug were $ 2700000000 one year before the fines were issued. David Franklin, a medical liaison whistleblower whistleblower against the company that even after the settlement, doctors told him that other pharmaceutical companies were to continue promoting their drugs off-label applications. Was the $ 430,000 penalty referred to widely as a slap on the wrist, he said (Lavoie, AP / Hartford Courant. Continue reading “When the Justice Department funded earmarked for health care fraud began.”