The medical technology division of Johnson Electric.

This revolutionary tissue coagulation to prostate in a fraction of the time and cost of the existing methods treat based on extensive modeling, simulation and pre-clinical studies. Of the system of the system does not allow Johnson Medtech magnetic Nanomotion actuators, the precision and accuracy of movement treatment is necessary for the safe performance of image-guided prostate cancer therapy in the strong magnetic field of the MRI.. Preclinical studies Non-Magnetic Motors Power The World’s First MRI – Guided Prostate Cancer Treatment DeviceJohnson Medtech, the medical technology division of Johnson Electric, one of the world’s largest providers of motion actuators, today announced its participation in the creation of the world’s first MRI-compatible image-guided tumor treatment device with Profound Medical Inc.

Michael Bronskill, Chief Technical Officer of Profound Medical. ‘Johnson Medtech’s Nanomotion non-magnetic motors provide the motion necessary tissue coagulation tissue coagulation allow to effectively treat patients with prostate cancer in the MRI environment, and with a degree of precision that is crucial to success. ‘.. PMI device uses an MRI for imaging and a proprietary flat ultrasound applicator for treatment. MRI accurately performs the probe cancer tissue cancer tissue effectively destroy the diseased area. Necessary magnetic nature of of electric motors and their metal function function impossible motorized medical devices within the MRI environment. Continue reading “The medical technology division of Johnson Electric.”