But this is the first HPV vaccine trial.

Other vaccine studies for the prevention of HPV infection in women in the news of late due to the initial results were positive, but this is the first HPV vaccine trial, which will test a version of the vaccine to protect against a number of additional types of HPV that can cause cancer. For additional information about the HPV vaccine trial for women, is a research nurse at IU 317-278-2945.

The study at IU looks healthy women aged between 16 and 23 years, which may be available for 7 months during the study. Have been diagnosed with genital warts are not eligible to participate. Volunteers will be compensated for their time and travel costs.He outlines a comprehensive action plan to raise awareness of viral hepatitis raise, creating more opportunities for health to practice professional to diagnose, treat, vaccinate, and ultimately save lives, and builds the new health reform law, able to receive comprehensive access to comprehensive viral hepatitis prevention and the treatment services with expanded coverage.. Companies that population threat from Diabetes – What are the biggest challenges?

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