A study of 533 American women.

Year-old Increases Women Mortalityconcentrations of lead in the blood are associated with an increased risk of death from coronary heart disease . A study of 533 American women, BioMed Central BioMed Central open access journal Environmental Health has shown that those with blood lead concentrations above 8? G / dL were more likely to die of coronary heart disease three times.

MS is a two-stage disease, with initial attacks of inflammatory demyelination, which damages myelin, followed approximately 10 years later marked by a slow, progressive neurdegenerative phase by loss of axons and nerve cells. Irreversible damage to the central nervous system that leads through neurodegeneration in MS induced in long-term disabilities, including paralysis, incoordination, dementia and pain, and is not aligned with the currently available therapies. Continue reading “A study of 533 American women.”