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To ask for more information or an appointment, please contact:Giovanna Bertoli Marketing Communication Promotion Registered Office European Space Agency PhoneBute. In myopia: improved surgical advances the visionA working group would remove a small part of a myopic cornea, freeze, and essentially lathe in a form that the refractive error would be before reattaching it to solve, said Pepose.

Medical research on the ISSThe International Space Station , which operates at an altitude of 400 km above the Earth, is the ideal place for research and for the testing of new tools and methods in microgravity. For example, the bone loss experienced by astronauts is on on the ISS. Over the years researchers and physicians at ESA have many innovative methods, tools and technologies with the negative effects with the negative effects of weightlessness and monitored astronauts bodies, as they live and work in space develops. Products to use the results of ESA ‘s research are already available in Europe, for the health and welfare the population, and at MEDICA at MEDICA 2004th. Continue reading “To ask for more information or an appointment.”