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‘Anti-adhesive therapies based on the use of small molecule -based inhibitors will ensure an economically interesting alternative to expensive biological treatments, such as humanized anti – adhesion molecule antibodies, which is being developed for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, Imhof notes.. Novel Technologies Advance Gene Transfer ApplicationsSeveral new technologies that could substantially influence the future of gene transfer applications was 10th today at a conference at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Gene Therapy in Seattle.

Editorial: Leukocyte Migration to Rheumatoid Joints: Enzymes Take Over , Cem Gabay, and Beat A. Arthritis & Rheumatism, September 2006, Contact: Amy Molnar John Wiley & Sons.In Switzerland, doctors at the Zurich University on 100 times who treated with TrueBeam system To a case of lung cancer became a RapidArc treat in the High-Intensity Mode finished in a little over a minute. ‘The High mode mode has extremely exciting, ‘said Urs Martin Lutolf, clinical director and Chair of the Department of Radiat Oncol. ‘In the highest dose rates, we may treatment treatment on one-quarter abreast of the times at a lower dose rates. ‘.