Question by Sarah from Chicago.

Question by Sarah from Chicago, I wondered whether I, as a child abused abused. I have this strong feeling that I had, but I can not remember anything. When I was young, 6, or 7, I have to have my sex dolls. I started to touch me, even though I did not know what it meant. I am now 29 and with with borderline personality disorder in the past year. I know. This condition often with a history of sexual abuse Could it possibly be? On Tuesdayted.Answer: Your question touches on difficult terrain and a range of mental health, which is hotly debated.

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But we need more data.

Researchers say the results suggest that incorporating the germicidal properties of UV light into vacuuming might promise in reducing allergens and pathogens from carpets have, as well. Is is said us said that there is a commercial vacuum with UV technology effective at reducing surface microbes has the promise to public health, but we need more data, ‘said Timothy Buckley, associate professor and chair of Environmental Health at Ohio at Ohio State University and senior author the study.

UV-C light with a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers for its for its disinfection properties in water, air and food and on a variety of surfaces This is the first study of its effects on carpet surfaces – the Ohio State research group several 3-by – 3-foot sections selected carpeting of different types from three settings:. A commercial tight – loop carpet in a university conference room, and medium Berber carpet with longer, dense loops in a common room of an apartment complex and a house.. The research appears online in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.In this study tested Buckley and colleagues a commercial upright vacuum cleaner, individual evaluate and in combination the standard beater bar or rotating brush, and a lamp that emits germicidal radiation. Continue reading “But we need more data.”