This should trying a new line of research to better understand.

This should trying a new line of research to better understand, encourage estrogen actions on reading and memory, Shaywitz said. These data are also necessary to clarify these areas of cognition, such as vocabulary and spatial awareness is important not sensitive to estrogen, estrogen , they show is not simply a panacea for a range of cognitive difficulties, but has specific effects, action be explained by its actions on phonological processes. .

Shaywitz data on oral reading with the Gray Oral Reading Test and obtain verbal memory with the Wechsler Memory Scales and the sentence span test. Discovered Shaywitz and her team found that estrogen exerts a positive impact on the oral reading and verbal memory in midlife, postmenopausal women, the new results suggest even estrogen affects not only the brain regions that uses the nervous system for word identification, but that they also affect the reading performance itself.During the eighties United Kingdom public schools starts selling off hundred thousand hectares of pitches about local boards on Countryside history. This continued in the nineties and still continues today. Where public schools have fewer playing fields, children must be logically fewer exercise at school.

In 1995 15 percent of 11-15 year-old boys were overweight in 2004, the number reached 24 percent. In the same period the %age of obese female increased from 15 percent to 25 percent. In If which current indications are correct, the number now, two years after the 2004, it is even higher.