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Be used in the future in the treatment of all the blocked coronary arteries. to absorb scaffold show Recent studies, such as drug – eluting stents, are administered long-term dual anti-platelet therapy to patients over 12 months with them. Takes time for the use of the dual agent with the bio – absorbable stents needed in the future can be months to three months to three months, he said. the medical sector in Jordan pays special hiring highly experienced doctors and the use the latest technologies and techniques in note the treatment of arterial diseases, that the county will receive a destination of choice for many patients from the MENA region to treat advanced health care, said Dr. Abu Hantash, a part-time lecturer at the University of Jordan Faculty of Medicine. Unlike the old bare and drug – eluting stents, care the new device behind a treated vessel free of a permanent metallic implant.

VA study finds rural veterans in poorer healthfindings extend previous efforts to VA care in rural areasA study by more than 767,000 veterans of Veterans Affairs researchers shows in rural areas are in poorer health than their urban counterparts. The results, reported in the October American Journal of Public Health, validate recent and ongoing efforts to VA health care for rural patients to expand. ‘We need to veterans who live in rural areas as a particular population, and we must carefully about about their needs in the design of health care systems,’said study leader William B., a doctor and researcher with the White River Junction VA Medical Center and Dartmouth Medical School. Senior author of the study was Jonathan B. VA Acting Secretary of Health.The team of scientists from from University of in New South Wales, University of Sydney and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research plan to theirs. Trauma hypothesis by seeing neurological tests on the test persons. ####.

Commenting the results, says Prof. Lloyd: Our results show that neither said virus nor an abnormal immune response which post-infectious exhaustion syndrome to explain We now suspect it is is more like a hit and run injury to the brain. If you are still several weeks after infection are ill, it seems that the symptoms have driven through the activity of the virus in the body, is happens in brain. – .