In clinical trials.

In clinical trials, two doses of Aflunov showed antibody titers than protection in over 85 percent of vaccinated individuals [13]. Aflunov was also shown to cross-reactive antibodies against many of the H5 strains caused in humans to elicit disease[14]. Additionally, a single vaccination with Aflunov induces (H5N1 high and rapid serological response in subjects 6-8 years previously with two different doses of a vaccine surrogate H5 primed with the same formulation and including the same MF59 adjuvant as Aflunov but with H5N3. – The EU regulatory filing for Aflunov form the basis for further filings in other parts of the world including Asia, where H5N1 has been reported in many countries[7].

References[1] Galli, G et al. Adjuvanted H5N1 vaccine induces early CD4 T -cell response long-term long-term persistence of protective antibody levels. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106 : 3877-3882. Continue reading “In clinical trials.”

Clear contract and service requirements Good Provider service.

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Survey of Independent Imaging Centers indicates that diagnostic radiology networks in in channeling patientsA survey of 140 independent imaging centers in the United States shows that diagnostic radiology specialty networks play a crucial role in channeling patients Imaging centers for workers ‘ compensation and health insurance patients. Continue reading “Clear contract and service requirements Good Provider service.”