According to the Tribune.

According to the Tribune, hospitals are cautious about who is classified as an inpatient charged charged with risk of fraud if they bill Medicare for a hospital stay that are not the standards of the agency. Medicare will begin testing of medical centers nationwide. After to the Tribune, the observation care a step up from the emergency room, more than 24 hoursa step down from a formal hospital stay, in which physicians to test, diagnose, stabilize and treat. Quickly patients neither clearly sick enough to be hospitalized, yet good back home home (Graham, Chicago Tribune, Gail Larsen, divisional vice president of Provider Relations at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois purpose of the purpose of the observation care is to show whether a patient should be admitted to the hospital, or sent home sent home (Graham, triage, Chicago Tribune, patients with chest pain, asthma, kidney stones, dehydration, dizziness, mild trauma, and other conditions are often ideal candidates for observing patients, Chief Medical Officer be said at United Healthcare process ideally is issued within 24 hours after the Tribune.

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