Dr Vegh the apparatus would allow testing in the field and an immediate result.

Dr Vegh the apparatus would allow testing in the field and an immediate result, in contrast to existing detection methods. If you want to test for malaria in Africa, for example, you go to the site, blood tests, and then test the samples in laboratory conditions, Vegh said. Of pneumonia. With the new device you in the in the on-site demonstration. .

The devices would record cough and sleep sounds, and offers a low-cost diagnostic procedure which no direct contact with the patient.The direction of Dr. Udantha Abeyratne from the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, the team will analyze recordings with new algorithms in the analysis of human speech sounds characterize identify the presence of pneumonia.The researchers performed to study for oculomotor function in the 112 patients with Parkinson disease and a group of 60 healthy people to investigate. Users oculomotoric functional during fixation during fixation, as well as while pursuing a moving target on a computer monitor. – Researchers said:.

Nanotechnology – method may help to compress computer memory, potential biological application.

A team of chemists Brown University has an easy way in order to synthesize iron-platinum nanorod and nanowire while the controller quantity of both and A composition developed. Nanorods having a standard form and magnetic orientation of are key to next generation high-density memory unit, but make make in bulk.